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The Life Blood

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Digital Media

My Vision : Digtial Media's two Legs are Technology & Vision

I come from a very technical background, with a degree in Computer Engineering, driven with a tremendous passion for Digital Media. I go to the extra mile to utilize the latest technologies and bring futuristic ideas into the shape of sophisticated solutions,services,products and strategies.

I have always believed that Digital Media is a body which stands on two legs: Technology and Vision. Both of these are an outcome of long-term work and accumulated experience. In order to let that body (Digital Media) walk steadily, both legs – Technology and Vision - should be strong, trained, and make their strides in harmony.

With over a decade of in-depth experience in the field of Digital Media, Advertising Industry, Multimedia, News Agencies, TV Channels, and TTL Marketing combining both BTL and ATL. I worked in a variety of sectors of wide spectrum : News agencies, Digital Media agencies, Broadcasting Channels, Election Campaigns, Government Entities, Entertainment, liesure, and tourism projects, SME initatives, Hospitals, Book Fairs, and Cultural Conferences.

I have an extensive experinece in the MENA Region, I helped in putting strategies, implemting them, managing them, developed sales and makreting strategies for new and existing services/ideas/concepts/products.

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My Digital Media Approach






dESIGN &Code




Integrated Skills




Digital Strategy




Concept &







Digital Strategy

The main idea of the digital strategy is to pick up the best way to establish/engage/interact with your target audience through your online presence, and make sure that your online goals are in harmony with your business goals. Digital Strategy is the most first and important step on the digital media road. It's the main key which has a great impact on your concept design, content, workflow, coding, implementation, structure, optimization, and approach. It's the initial step for focusing on your ROI (Return On Investment).

Concept and Design

Digital Design for any digital platform let it be website, mobile application, or social media application..etc. is not about only delivering something which looks nice. It's about creating a combination of beauty, structure, usability, and accessibility. That should be taken in consider from the start, from doing the research, sitemap, wireframes, and design.



Technical Build

I used to work alone or with a team to do the development services for the digital media solutions (Web, Mobile, Social Media Apps, Ecommerce, forums...etc.).
According to the digital strategy and design I pick the development platform. My agile web development methodology is a proven delivery mechanism, embracing project reviews, rigid quality assurance, and a continual keep-in-touch relation with the client throughout the development process.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective tools for the digital media suit. So I used to manage the social network platforms to increase brand visibility , engage and increase the target audience. I used to do social media management for campaigns like election campaigns, social media marketing strategy, FaceBook application development, social media monitoring and reporting, FaceBook page design, Twitter page design, YouTube channel design, LinkedIn page design, and Google+ page design.

Digital Marketing

Promoting digital media requires compelling non-traditional digital marketing solutions. Your website and social media platforms are the basket of your fruit. After having your website launched and during the process of design and code, you need to put on mind a lot of things to get your basket(website) exposed to as many and proper audience you are looking for. Here are some of the main digital media marketing solutions I used to implement and manage: Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Blogging, Integration of Offline Marketing, Online Display Advertising, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Social Media mentioned earlier.

Project Management

During all the above mentioned steps, and after finishing them. You need a proper management for the entire process, improve the steps implemented earlier, measure the performance, list the weakness points, suggest new practical ideas. Compare between the implemented strategy and the theoretical strategy.

In this step a lot of steps are involved as well like creating content, creating newsletters, integrating all the above mentioned steps.





Samples of My Work

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

Building the official website for the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was a real challenge, following the strict guidelines in terms of design and content.

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs Official Website

Creative/ Web Development/Bilingual Website

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

An interactive website for the First Gulf Bank Business School where the bank decided to kick a school of their own to provide the proper tools to enhhance job seekers' skills.

First Gulf Bank Bussiness School Website

Creative/ Web Development


A dynamic website for Mansoor bin Mohammed Photography Award, where users of photographers can upload their images to win the competition.

Mansoor bin Mohammed Photography Award

Design/ Bilingual Website / Web Development

UAE Together

An initiative of Abu Dhabi Police where I Introduced new technology and integrated digital media for road safety awarness.

Abu Dhabi Directorate for Traffic and Patrol initiative

Creative/ Web Development/Social Media

Ashrf Kanjo

An initiative of Ministry of Presidential Affairs to promote the culrture of saving among Emirati citizens, and spare them from overburdening themselveswwith heavy debts.

A Ministry of Presidential Affairs Initiative

Creative/Web Development/Social Media

Ashraf Kanjo

Global Village is the most prominent regional leading destinaion for Entertainment in the region.

Global Village

Creative/Web/Media Planning/Social Media

Ashraf Kanjo

HE Ahmed Ahli's turned from a "candidate" in election campaign into a respected Member of Parliament / Congress.

Stunning Campaign Win in the FNC Elections

Creative/Web/Social Media/SEO/SEM


An UAE General Civil Aviation Authority campaign to create large-scale awarness with the slogan"Love Your Sky".

UAE General Civil Aviation Authority

Creative/Web/Social Meida/SEM


Created an advanced website with career portal and vendor portal, with speical procedures for patients to register and follow up with their doctors.

Saudi German Hospital in Dubai

Creative/ Website/ Career Portal/ Vendor Portal


Created a website for a Pet brand which tried to digitalize it's services for pets, create online community for pet lovers, redefining the pet and aquatics industry in Dubai.

Pets Plus in Dubai

Creative/Website/Online Community/Blog

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Ashraf Kanjo

Here you can find me on social meida platforms, where I share my ideas, music, readings, books, quotes, and so many other things, just follow me and find your self.

Get to Know Me Better

Life is not a journey to the grave with intentions of arriving safely in a pretty well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming ... WOW! What a ride!


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Ashraf Kanjo
Dubai, UAE

+971 55 14 77 582

If you want to digtalize your self, company, brand, services, and solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact me.